Forebearers – Changelog 1.0 (RELEASE)

Changelog 1.0 (Build 269)


-Chef’s hut now saves recipes correctly.
-Game settings are now saved.
-Start town is no longer deconstructible.
-Towns and outpost can now only be deconstructed when there are no connected buildings.
-Added a new hybrid map with resources local to the specific regions.
-Removed ground decals from buildings.
-Updated the look of the large tomb.
-Reworked movement system, should now catch more movement errors and get ai unstuck.
-Added GUI icon when visitors are visiting the village to better keep track of them.
-Removed achievement “High Esteem”, as the removal of the reputation system makes this invalid.
-Added icon explanations to help window.
-Herbalists and healers got a reduced chance of getting injuries.
-Chests now always contains gold in small amounts.
-Reduced amount of walk speed slowdown in winter.
-Lowered health loss required to visit healers for healing to 25%.
-Transporters no use closest storage with room instead of their own workplace to store resources.
-Lowered stamina drain for transporters.
-Watchtowers now counts towards overall security stat.
-Deconstructing buildings now has a higher pickup priority for transporters.
-Forward camps now select somewhat random targets when planning their attacks.
-Added tooltips for food- and meal types stored whilst hovering the corresponding resource.
-Towns and outposts now destroys their connected structures on death.
-Fixed an infinite loop while collecting resources.
-Wall snapping points now correctly updates with changes to the wall.
-Builders no longer get stuck trying to repair.
-Removed tool durability icon from tooltips.
-Fixed a bug that made herbalists unable to pick up water.
-Villagers can no longer get invalid eating spots and fail to eat.
-Visitor icon now correctly reports what visitors are looking for.
-Updated collision on logging camp to reduce invalid navigation locations.
-Furnace now works correctly.
-Collecting resources for work has been updated, villagers will not get stuck idling when there are resources available.
-Fixed weird look on herbal hut while under construction.
-Many buildings displayed their inventory in tooltips unnecessarily, this has been fixed.
-Threat range sligtly increased, should help with guardians getting stuck as they spot enemies.
-Added some extra time for cold or sleepy villagers to get home if they have a home.
-Fixed a bug where villagers tried to collect resources from the wrong storage and got stuck.
-Fixed a weird collision bug that made villagers either fall through the ground or get stuck in landscape.
-Villagers now correctly report their diseases on loaded games, villagers should no longer get stuck at healer’s hut.
-Lowered herbs required to heal a disease from 5 to 3.
-Healer should no longer get stuck outside of healer’s hut.
-Pasture “doors” has been revamped and no longer gets villagers stuck inside.
-Goats can no longer get out of the pasture.
-Villagers should no longer get stuck in leaning animation.
-Villagers no longer get stuck while trying to move whilst working.
-Security stat no longer counts unfinished buildings.
-Building health is now saved and loaded correctly.
-Repairing buildings now works correctly.
-Old savegames are now compadible with the new health saving addition.
-Gates no longer get overlapped by fence snapping points.
-Sawmill operators no longer get stuck trying to collect resources.
-Fixed error with wall placement where long walls got stacking walls at the end.
-All villagers can now hit back correctly when under attack.
-Fixed an issue with villagers moved whilst doing other tasks such as drinking water.
-Fences close to a gate no longer gets destroyed when loading a game.
-Outposts now correctly update and report their shared inventory.
-Fixed a couple of bugged resources that traders carried.
-Lettuce is no longer free.
-Mine-, herb- and spice slot now correctly display their produced resource.
-Hoarder achievement no longer counts water as a stored resource.
-Trade window has been fixed, price and amount text is now in the correct position.
-Merchants now correctly transports traded resources to and from storage.
-Merchants now displays their current work duties in their tooltip.
-Warriors now leave their inventory at a storage before going on patrol.
-Visitors should no longer spawn without stats to look for.
-World resources are no longer added to list of structures connected to towns or outposts.

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